Saturday, June 6, 2009

My music introduction

O.K. - Here's to the start of a new era for me. I grew up near L.A. and always listened to KROQ starting in the early 80's. I always liked all the DJ's that they had on the air at that time, Dusty Street, Freddie Snakeskin, Ramondo & Evans, Richard Blade etc... But the thing I really liked was the songs they played. The music they were playing was not heard on any other station, and really if you think about it that music wasn't even easy to find in a record store. I was shopping at Camel Records in Huntington Beach, and Licorice Pizza. It was a little easier to find this kind of music at Camel, and since I was a real Depeche Mode fan I could always find the latest 12" records and hard to find cuts. After spending a fortune on records I became a DJ at a local nightclub, and scored the Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday shifts (not the busiest nights), but I took it all in stride. We had alot of fun and met many people, and by that time I probably had 1000 to 1500 records. Since that time I've always loved the music from the 80's and especially the hard to find stuff that you don't hear on a daily basis. This blog will give you some insight into the music that I love, and hopefully I can turn you on to something new and exciting. Check out my playlist at the bottom of the page, I'll be adding songs daily and hope you like it. I will also try to have a daily song of the day, and try to get the song on my playlist so you can hear the track.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in the neighborhood behind Newland Center. I remember buying Oingo Boingo's Only a Lad at Camel Records many years ago lol.